The Great Pyramid of Giza

Near the Cairo city, in Egypt, is raised the most ancient and the only survivor of seven wonders of ancient world: the Great Pyramid of Giza also called Pyramid of Khufu located near to two other smaller pyramids: Khadre and Menkaure.

We consider that the Pyramid of Khufu was built near 2800 BC but the uncertainty concerning this date remains important. This pyramid would have been drawn by Imhotep, Egyptian architect of the third dynasty of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians reached the perfection by building this edifice that was raised by the Pharaoh Khufu and that we know nowadys with the name of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Indeed, he wished for himself a grave able to endure the time. A gigantic, inviolable grave which would preserve its divine slough for the eternity... This pyramid is exceptional looking at its dimensions: 232 m (761 feet) wide and 146 m (480 feet) height, and its internal arrangements: not less than three chambers, among two ones directly built in the stone block. To reach the king's room, a long gallery of 47 m (154 feet) and 8.50 m (28 feet) height was imagined. To proceed to the construction of its monumental ambition, Khufu even order to bring stones extracted from the mountains of Arabia which were loaded on boats to go down the Nile until Gizeh.

This set of pyramids were raised by thousands of persons chosen among the Egyptian population. By these constructions, they proved their power that we can even recognize nowadays by observing these pyramids in Gizeh.

Why is this a wonder of the ancient world ?

The Pyramid of Khufu is the extraordinary testimony of the human genius because it was immense and impressive considering the epoch. Even nowadays, it remains one of the biggest human constructions.

Several illustrations :

The Great Pyramid of Giza #1 The Great Pyramid of Giza #2 The Great Pyramid of Giza #3
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